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James Randi's Solved Mysteries. Part I by James Randi

James Randi's Solved Mysteries. Part I by James Randi

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All of Sunday was set aside for James Randi’s Solved Mysteries Workshop (in three parts. Also see part two and three of this workshop.) Detecting deception is a key to investigating paranormal claims, especially self-deception on the part of both the investigator and claimant. Excellent video footage from many years of investigations highlighted each point made, from Uri Geller bending spoons to the story of Randi’s Carlos hoax which left an unskeptical Australian media with egg on their face. A particularly astonishing clip from the Barbara Walters Show featured a never-say-die Randi — after one of the show’s producers had deliberately interfered with a trick to prevent him from doing it the conventional way — triumphantly duplicating a drawing done secretly by Walters by an outrageously original method. Even long time Randi fans familiar with his work over the decades found the workshop remarkably rewarding. Randi received the second standing ovation of the conference.

James “The Amazing” Randi covers “psychics” and detecting their tactics with examples such as James Van Praagh, Uri Geller, and James Hydrick. Lots of visual demonstrations.

Plus an incredible clip of Randi live on the Barbara Walters Show. Randi is on the show to duplicate a psychic stunt when the show’s producer sets him up for failure. He triumphantly pulls not one miracle, but two out of a potentially disastrous situation, demonstrating how quick wit and a conjurer’s skill can create the impression that he has paranormal powers.

Excellent! Randi at his best.

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