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The Faith Healers, by James Randi

The Faith Healers, by James Randi

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The Faith Healers

“A fascinating look at a world of misplaced faith and blind trust that seems more appropriate to the Dark Ages than to the end of the 20th century.

” —Toronto Sun

In coliseums and auditoriums across the world, thousands of times each year, self-styled faith-healers carry out a shameless deception. Pretending that they can invoke divine help or cure sickness, instead they prey upon the sick, taking their dignity and money in exchange for false hope.

James Randi, internationally known as a magician and investigator of claims of alleged paranormal abilities, reveals the astonishingly clever tricks used by these charlatans, based on strong evidence gathered by Randi and a team of colleagues over four years of careful investigation.

The Faith Healers lays bare the practices of leading televangelists—among them Peter Popoff, W.V. Grant, Pat Robertson, and Oral Roberts—and other so-called healers. In this expose, Randi stands up for million of believers who continue to be victimized and makes a strong case for legal action to end the chicanery.

Steve Martin’s Leap of Faith was based on this book and Randi won a MacArthur “Genius Award” for this work. (Foreword by Carl Sagan).

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