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The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins

The God Delusion, by Richard Dawkins

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Please note that this is not the commercial DVD “The Root of All Evil?” (which can be ordered here). This is a recording of the lecture that Dawkins gave at Caltech, October 28th, 2006.

In a lecture based on his new book The God Delusion, celebrated Oxford biologist Dawkins fires a direct no holds barred salvo against organized religion. He argues that belief in “The God Hypothesis” is both intellectually wrong, and a divisive and oppressive force that contributes to social backwardness and bigotry. He states, “I am hostile to fundamentalist religion because it actively debauches the scientific enterprise. It teaches us not to change our minds, and not to want to know exciting things that are available to be known. It subverts science and saps the intellect.” This carefully-reasoned, yet entertaining and insightful analysis by one of the great minds of our time will give both atheists and believers something to think about.

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