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Letting Go of God, by Julia Sweeney

Letting Go of God, by Julia Sweeney

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An excerpt of this show, “Letting go of God” is the single most popular story we’ve ever put on our show in over ten years on the air. We were deluged with email. Flooded. Overwhelmed. Somehow, against all common sense, Julia is making something funny that has no business being funny. So buy this CD … if you dare.

–Ira Glass, host of public radio’s This American Life.

From the inside, any supernatural belief system can seem absurd. “You drink God ’s blood? You could be a gnat in the next life? You can’t eat what?” Julia Sweeney’s brave, hilarious, moving new show “Letting Go of God” is a gale-force breath of fresh air into a mostly polemic dialogue about religion in our time. While she scores flawlessly deadpan laughs at the expense of Mormonism, Deepak Chopra, Astrology and Catholicism (the tradition she was happily raised in) Sweeney is after much bigger game — challenging and disarming believers of all stripes and intensities, as well as scoffing at non-believers. As she says to an imaginary God near the shows end, “It’s because I take you so seriously that I can’t bring myself to believe in you.

–Rob Kent, Los Angeles Times.

This two CD set includes a 102 page CD-sized illustrated transcript of the performance illustrated with engravings by Gustave Doré.

Julia Sweeney was a cast member of “Saturday Night Live” from 1989 to 1994. She starred in a co-wrote “It’s Pat — The Movie” released in 1995. In addition to many other television and small movie roles she served as a consulting producer on the last three seasons of “Sex and the City” and was a consulting producer for the second season of “Desperate Housewives.” This is Julia Sweeney’s third monologue. Her first monologue “And God Said Ha!” was nominated for a Grammy.

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