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Living Without Religion, by Paul Kurtz

Living Without Religion, by Paul Kurtz

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One of America’s foremost expositors of humanist philosophy, Paul Kurtz shows how we can live the good life filled with morality, commitment, and dedication, without having to depend on the existence of a higher being. Drawing upon the disciplines of the sciences, philosophy, and ethics, Kurtz also offers concrete recommendations for the development of the humanism of the future. An entire section of the book is devoted to the careful definition of religion, which clearly demonstrates than an authentic moral life is possible without religious belief.

“I heartily recommend this book to anyone with a serious interest in philosophy and religion. Concise and clearly written, it is reader-friendly throughout. Kurtz is able to distill the essence of complex subjects while retaining the high level of sophistication demanded by serious philosophers. Secular humanism desperately needs expositors and defenders of the first rank. Paul Kurtz fills that role admirably.”

Independent Thinking Review

“Kurtz is one of the rare intellectuals of our time, the most energetic and best informed of the humanists.”

The Christian Century

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