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Environmental Wars. Conference 2006 (5 Part Set)

Environmental Wars. Conference 2006 (5 Part Set)

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The Entire 5 Part Caltech Lecture Series
from Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

This set contains all five parts of the 2006 Environmental Wars Conference at incredible savings over the combined purchase price of each one.

Set prices are:

  • $79.95 for the DVD set (instead of $119.75. WOW!)
  • $69.95 for the VHS set (instead of $99.75)
  • $64.95 for the CD set (instead of $79.75)

The 5 part set includes the following lectures from Saturday, June 3rd:

  • av161 with Dr. Michael Shermer, Dr. David Baltimore, Dr. David Goodstein, and Dr. Tapio Schneider
  • av162 with Chris Mooney and Ronald Bailey (a debate)
  • av163 with Dr. Donald Prothero, Dr. Brian Fagan, and Dr. Gregory Benford
  • av164 with Dr. Paul MacCready, Gregory Arnold, and Jonathan H. Adler
  • av165 with John Stossel & Michael Crichton
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