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Geology, Creationism & Evolution, by Dr. Donald Prothero

Geology, Creationism & Evolution, by Dr. Donald Prothero

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Geology, Creationism & Evolution:
The Breathtaking Inanity of Flood Geology

Have you ever had to deal with a Creationist who takes the Genesis accounts literally, and who insists that the biblical story of Noah’s flood can account for all the geologic features of the earth, as well as all the creatures that survived on the ark? In this lecture, Dr. Prothero discusses the biblical and logistical problems with “flood geology,” and shows how creationists’ conception of the geologic record would mean that we would never find coal, oil, gas or other natural resources that our society needs. In this engaging and richly illustrated lecture, based on his new book, Evolution: What the Fossils Say and Why it Matters, Dr. Donald Prothero — one of the world’s most respected paleontologists — will provide a wealth of evidence and answers to creationist challenges to science. If you are interstested in defending science education don’t miss this entertaining and intellectually rigorous history of the geological and fossil record.

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