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The Future of Science, Technology, and Education, by Bill Nye and James Randi

The Future of Science, Technology, and Education, by Bill Nye and James Randi

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The Future of Science, Technology, and Education

Bill Nye the Science Guy wows the audience with wit, humor, and inspiration about the future of science, technology, and education, how he got his start as “the science guy” and what we can all do to “change the world” so that everyone can embrace the wonders of science and reason. Also featured was a very special appearance by James “The Amazing” Randi, who regaled the audience with stories from his forthcoming book, A Magician in the Laboratory, and along the way explained how to test paranormal and pseudoscientific claims, his many challengers who have tried to win the million-dollar challenge offered by the James Randi Educational Foundation, and inspired a new generation of young skeptics in the audience to go out and make a difference by thinking skeptically and critically about all claims.

This DVD is one of five available from our Science Symposium held at Caltech in 2011. You can also order these other Science Symposium lectures:

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