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Mr. Deity and Friends, by Brian Dalton

Mr. Deity and Friends, by Brian Dalton

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Brian Dalton (as Mr. Deity) brought his cast of Mr. Deity actors to play out on stage some of the favorite episodes of the Internet television sensation Mr. Deity, including Lucy (Lucifer), Jesse (Jesus, or the boy), and Larry, who is Mr. Deity’s trusted assistant. As a “Forman” (Former Mormon), Dalton also delivered a serious message about the power of religious belief, what it does to the mind, what some of their best arguments are for believing in God, and why these arguments fall far short of proof. In other words, Mr. Deity debunked his own existence!

This DVD is one of five available from our Science Symposium held at Caltech in 2011. You can also order these other Science Symposium lectures:

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  4. The Belief Changing Kit, a 3-DVD Set with Audience Q&A, with Nye, Randi, Dalton, Prothero
    (av236 includes av233, av234, and av235)
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