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Baloney Detection Kit, by Michael Shermer and Pat Linse

Baloney Detection Kit, by Michael Shermer and Pat Linse

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This 16-page booklet is designed to hone your critical thinking skills. It includes suggestions on what questions to ask, what traps to avoid, specific examples of how the scientific method is used to test pseudoscience and paranormal claims, and a how-to guide for developing a class in critical thinking.

Plus, you’ll also find:

  • Sagan’s Ten Tools for Baloney Detection and Shermer’s Ten Questions For Baloney Detection
  • How Thinking Goes Wrong: The 25 Fallacies of Thinking
    • Problems in Scientific Thinking
      1. Theory Influences Observations
      2. The Observer Changes the Observed
      3. Equipment Construct Results
    • Problems in Pseudoscientific Thinking
      1. Anecdotes Do Not Make a Science
      2. Scientific Language Does Not Make a Science
      3. Bold Statements Do Not Make True Claims
      4. Heresy Does Not Equal Correctness
      5. Burden of Proof
      6. Rumors Do Not Equal Reality
      7. Unexplained is Not Inexplicable
      8. Failures are Rationalized
      9. After-the-Fact Reasoning
      10. Coincidence
      11. Representativeness
    • Logical Problems in Thinking
      1. Emotive Words and False Analogies
      2. Ad Ignorantiam
      3. Ad Hominem and Tu Quoque
      4. Hasty Generalization
      5. Over-reliance on Authorities
      6. Either-Or
      7. Circular Reasoning
      8. Reductio ad Absurdum and the Slippery Slope
    • Psychological Problems in Thinking
      1. Effort Inadequacies and the Need for
      2. Problem-Solving Inadequacies
      3. Ideological Immunity, or The Planck Problem
  • Eight Sample Syllabi: How to Teach a Course in Science & Pseudoscience
  • The Most Recommended Skeptical Books
  • Science and Skepticism: Science, Scientific Method and Skepticism — How They Contribute to Rational and Critical Thinking
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