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Pterosaur Trouble, by Daniel Loxton

Pterosaur Trouble, by Daniel Loxton

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2013 Lane Anderson Award for the Canadian Science Book Prize Finalist 2014 Victoria Children's Book Prize Winner

This is the hardback edition.

IN THIS SCIENCE-INFORMED FOLLOWUP to Ankylosaur Attack, (2012 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Winner for “Best Books for Kids & Teens”) Daniel Loxton tells a dramatic paleofiction tale of perhaps the largest flying animal ever to exist—the mighty pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus. While stalking a riverside for breakfast, the giraffe-sized pterosaur finds himself on the menu for a pack of small but ravenous feathered Velociraptor-like dinosaurs called Saurornitholestes. Can the giant escape from his Lilliputian assailants?

Inspired by real-world fossil discoveries, this photorealistic adventure (Book 2 in the Kids Can Press series Tales of Prehistoric Life) will delight and astonish.

  • Reading level: Ages 4 and up
  • Hardcover: 32 pages
  • Publisher: Kids Can Press
  • 2014 Victoria Children’s Book Prize Winner
  • 2013 Lane Anderson Award for the Canadian Science Book Prize Finalist
Praise for Pterosaur Trouble

[A] riveting picture book…visually stunning…intriguing and original…an imaginative, scientifically based gem…
—Jurors, Victoria Book Prizes

Pterosaur Trouble is a terrific example of how to make a popular book on prehistoric animals both exciting and scientifically sound, an accolade that is all the more remarkable when you consider that a part of its targeted demographic is still learning to read.
—paleontologist Mark Witton (author of Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy)

Pterosaur Trouble is a well-written, wonderfully illustrated, and entertaining story that younger readers will enjoy both reading and having read to them. Highly Recommended.
CM: Canadian Review of Materials, The Manitoba Library Association

Dino devotees…will devour this eye candy with relish.
—Kirkus Reviews

Tense narration…exquisite detail…remarkably real.
—Publishers Weekly

[A]nyone familiar with children’s books about dinosaurs knows, some shine and others lack with regard to keeping up to date with dinosaur paleontology. The Tales of Prehistoric Life series shines brightly.
—Michael D. Barton,
The Dispersal of Darwin blog

This book filled with luminous illustrations of Earth’s prehistoric period will captivate young readers fascinated by the age of the dinosaurs.
—Barbara A. Ward,
International Reading Association

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