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False Memory Syndrome and the Recovered Memory Movement, by Dr. John Hochman

False Memory Syndrome and the Recovered Memory Movement, by Dr. John Hochman

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False Memory Syndrome and the Recovered Memory Movement

Sexual abuse is now considered by many to be nearly epidemic, with some demographics suggesting that nearly 1/3 of all women were abused as children. Repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse are surfacing with increasing regularity in therapy situations. Are the growing stories of often violent and elaborate sexual abuse evidence of widespread crimes against humanity? Are this many children really abused? Can the mind really repress memories and then recall them in vivid and accurate details decades later? Or is this a social movement analogous to the witch trials of the Middle Ages, where memory is acquired and the accused are automatically considered guilty? Psychiatrist Dr. John Hochman considers whether these are repressed memories or false memories planted by therapists, and the possibility that some therapies have cult-like properties. He explains the therapeutic context in which false sexual abuse memories are planted. Hard hitting, straight forward. A no-holds barred skeptical debunking of a dangerous mass hysteria.

Dr. John Hochman is a forensic psychiatrist in Encino, CA, specializing in the evaluation and treatment of victims of cults or undue influence, psychiatry and the law, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders, False Memory Syndrome, and Multiple Personality Disorders. He is a consultant and expert witness in courtroom cases involving abuse allegations, and cults and coercive persuasion. Dr. Hochman is also Assistant Clinical Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the UCLA School of Medicine and serves on the advisory boards of the Cultic Studies Journal, the American Family Foundation, and the False Memory Syndrome Foundation.

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