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Evolution? The Fossils Say Yes! by Dr. Donald Prothero

Evolution? The Fossils Say Yes! by Dr. Donald Prothero

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Are the so called “gaps’ in the fossil record an embarrassment to evolutionists as creationists claim? Are controversies between evolutionists cracks in the foundation of the theory of evolution? In this lecture the nationally known and highly respected paleontologist Dr. Donald Prothero will explain the fossil record and refute the creationist’s argument of “show us just one transitional form” by providing the audience with countless examples of evolution in action in the fossil record. In addition to showing slides, actual fossil samples will also be available. Dr. Prothero will explain Stephen Jay Gould’s theory of punctuated equilibria and demonstrate how and why paleontology is a science, and creationism is not.

Dr. Prothero has been a Guggenheim and NSF Fellow, a Fellow of the Linnean Society, and in 1991 received the Schuchert Award of the Paleontological Society for outstanding paleontologist under the age of 40, the same award won by the renowned paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould. He has authored or co-edited seven books, including Horns, Tusks, Hooves and Flippers: The Evolution of Hoofed Mammals; and most recently, the best-selling textbook from McGraw-Hill, Evolution of the Earth. He is also a Technical Editor of the Journal of Paleontology.

In addition to his important and highly respected research in paleontology and testing the theory of punctuated equilibrium on which he wrote an essay in Skeptic, Dr. Prothero has debated Duane T. Gish about so-called “scientific” creationism. “To a practicing scientist,” says Prothero, “a visit to the world of the creationists feels somewhat like Alice stepping through the looking glass. Ordinary people and objects look the same as they do in the real world, except that everything is backward and all the rules are reversed.

This lecture is Dr. Donald Prothero’s rebuttal of Duane T. Gish’s Evolution? The Fossils Say NO!

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