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Origins & The Big Questions: Conference 2008. Part 5

Origins & The Big Questions: Conference 2008. Part 5

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Mr Deity
Brian Dalton and the making of “Mr. Deity”

The highlight of a day filled with heavy-duty science discussion and theological debate was a presentation by the creator of Mr. Deity — Brian Keith Dalton. This series of Internet video clips offered a humorous (and slightly irreverent) look at the day-to-day operations of the universe and the Big Man in charge. Mr. Deity has been a hit both with skeptics and believers alike. It answers such questions as

  • What kind of Evil will be allowed in this new universe?
  • How do you go about finding a ‘Savior’?
  • Why won’t these darned lights work? and
  • How do you relate to your girlfriend when she’s the devil (literally)?

Dalton himself plays Mr. Deity, with Jimbo Marshall as Larry, his clipboard-toting assistant; Sean Douglas as Jesus/Jesse; and Amy Rohren as Lucy/Lucifer.

Dalton and his cast performed a series of skits live, including a new episode developed specifically for the conference. The performances were interspersed with behind-the-scenes discussion by Dalton and the rest of the cast about how the series was developed and written. Dalton and his cast also considered a few of the more serious theological issues and discussed the reactions they have gotten from both supporters and critics. A very lively Q & A session concluded the evening.

A must have for Mr. Deity fans.

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