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MythBusters Collection 2

MythBusters Collection 2

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More of the Discovery Channel’s MythBusters featuring the stoic Jamie Hyneman and the puckishly enthusiastic Adam Savage using scientific knowledge and special effects construction skills to test the practical viability of urban myths and folklore. The dozen episodes included on the four-disc MythBusters: Collection 1 set capture the show’s irresistible hook: Hyneman and Savage grab the audience with their clashing personalities and over-the-top stunts, but by the end of the hour, they’ve made a real case for scientific evidence over pure conjecture. Great for science classes.

This special collection includes these exciting episodes:

  • Will a helium-filled football stay aloft higher and longer than a regulation air-filled ball? Can human teeth really stop a bullet?
  • Will bullets fired up into the air come back down fast enough to kill a person?
  • Can you transform low-grade vodka into a top-grade spirit with an ordinary household water filter?
  • Can a ship be sucked under by killer whirlpools? Can a snowplow blow a car off the road as it passes a car?
  • High-tech burglar home alarm system tests, including stripping down to birthday suits, getting sprayed with dry-ice and donning a Big Bird-like yellow rug to evade detection.
  • Can a hurricane can blow the feathers of a chicken?
  • Nikolai Tesla’s Earthquake Machine, the pair put a California bridge to the test.
  • The Diet Coke and Mentos explosion: What makes it work? The soda, the artificial sweetener? something in the candy? the MythBusters test the variations to create the most explosive Coke bomb ever. Then:
  • Does putting a postage stamp on a helicopter’s rotor blades unbalance it enough to send it into a tailspin?
  • How many strings of hot lights on a Christmas tree will cause it to burst into flames?
  • Firearms Folklore — Can a criminal’s bullet hit and then jam the chamber of a policeman’s revolver; and can one sniper kill another by shooting straight down the enemy’s gun scope?
  • Holiday Special — Can yodeling cause an avalanche? Tests for the best Christmas tree-water cocktail to keep the needles from falling off.
  • Pirate Special — Test period swords, cannons, guns and the laundry-cleaning capabilities of grog.
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