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Vol. 27 No. 1

Vol. 27 No. 1

Transgender Matters
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Transgender Matters: An Overview of the Debate, Research, and Policies

Here’s what you’ll find in Skeptic Magazine 27.1 (2022): A special section on transgender matters: an overview of the debate, research, and policies; supporting kids who identify as transgender or who are experiencing gender dysphoria (marked distress at an incongruence between gender identity and biological sex) • Trans Athletes and Conflicting Rights • Why Christians Should Accept the Theory of Evolution • 5G Rollout Reawakens Wireless Fear • Two Tributes to Edward O. Wilson • Eyewitness Testimony: Engaging with People and Accounts of Extraordinary Claims Without Evoking Anger • Mytho-history: The “Evolution” of Adam & Eve • Wild Psychotherapy: Questionable Advice • A review essay on The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity

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