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Vol. 27 No. 3

Vol. 27 No. 3

Race Matters
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Here’s what you’ll find in Skeptic Magazine 27.3 (2022): Why Race Matters • Systemic Racism—Explained • News Media & Declining Race Relations: Social Narratives More Than Real-Life Events May Be Driving Decline in Race Relations • Race & Policing: A Data-Driven Look at Policing and its Discontents • Critical Race Theory: Noble Ends, Terrible Means • Why Reparations and Equity Are Bad Ideas • Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: On Race and Jane Elliott’s Famous Experiment on Prejudice • Race & Medicine • Cracking History: Chiropractic’s Secret Origin • Abducted! Scientific Explanations of the Alien Abduction Experience • Persistent Belief: The Relative Implausibility of Certainty • Poking Holes in Needle-Spiking: Nightclub “Attacks” Scare Sweeps Europe • What Darwin Got Wrong About the Female of (All) Species • Broadcasting Flapdoodle: A review of Radio Psychics: Mind Reading and Fortune Telling in American Broadcasting, 1920–1940.

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