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A subscription to Skeptic magazine, the definitive skeptical journal, makes a perfect gift that lasts all year. Promoting science and critical thinking, our articles explore and inform. Buy it. Share it. Help us make the world a more rational place by defending the role of science in society!
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Skeptic Magazine
Back Issues $6

Don’t miss this opportunity to complete your collection of Skeptic magazine by getting the back issues you’re missing in your library. Order a back issue for a friend and introduce them to skepticism! Bound within every issue of Skeptic magazine is Junior Skeptic: the skeptical movement’s most sustained and substantial educational outreach project for children.
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Science Lectures on DVD

Since 1992, the Skeptics Society has sponsored the Distinguished Science Lecture Series, hosting 350 of the biggest names in science. This series of lectures has covered the most cutting edge discoveries and controversial topics in all of science, and enabled students, educators, and the general public to hear what’s new in science and skepticism. These lectures have helped people learn how to think critically about claims made in the name of science.
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Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion (cover)

Waking Up: A Guide to Spirituality Without Religion $20 autographed

For the millions of Americans who want spirituality without religion, Waking Up is a guide to meditation as a rational practice informed by neuroscience and psychology. Throughout this book, Harris argues that there is more to understanding reality than science and secular culture generally allow, and that how we pay attention to the present moment largely determines the quality of our lives.
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The Moral Arc (cover)

The Moral Arc $32

Dr. Michael Shermer claims that we are living in the most moral period of our species’ history. This is a book about moral progress that demonstrates through extensive data and heroic stories that the arc of the moral universe bends toward truth, justice, and freedom. Of the many factors that have come together over the centuries to bend the arc in a more moral direction, science and reason are foremost…
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The Moral Arc (cover)

Undeniable $25.99

Sparked by a controversial debate in February 2014 with Creation Museum curator Ken Ham, and by his provocative comment to, Bill Nye’s campaign to confront the scientific shortcoming of creationism has exploded in just a few months into a national crusade. In this book, he expands the points he has made, and claims that this debate is not so much about religion versus science, as about the nature of science itself.
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A Skeptic's Guide to Global Climate Change (cover)

A Skeptic’s Guide to
Global Climate Change $5

Distinguish climate change skepticism from climate change denialism; get 25 answers to classic climate denier arguments; examine a summary of the scientific evidence and climate data and discover what’s behind the debate on climate change; find out why scientists think climate is changing and how we know global warming is real and human caused. This booklet has 28 pages at 8.5 × 11 inches.
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The Baloney Detection Kit (cover)

The Baloney Detection Kit

This 16-page booklet, designed to hone your critical thinking skills, includes suggestions on what questions to ask, what traps to avoid, specific examples of how the scientific method is used to test pseudoscience and paranormal claims, 25 fallacies of thinking, a list of highly-recommended skeptical books, a how-to guide for developing a class in critical thinking, and more…
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How to Debate a Creationist (cover)

How to Debate a Creationist $5

This 28-page booklet is perfect for anyone who wants to know how to converse with a creationist. It contains 25 creationist arguments and 25 evolutionist answers (some philosophical and some scientific); describes what the theory of evolution is and isn’t and explains why creationism is not science; provides an in-depth understanding of Intelligent Design, its pitfalls and logical fallacies, and much more.
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Skeptic T-Shirts

Skeptic T-Shirts $18

Made of 100% fine jersey knit cotton, ring-spun and combed for superior softness and strength. Our unisex fine jersey short sleeve T-shirts, by American Apparel, are the softest, smoothest, best-looking T-shirts available anywhere. If you are not familiar with how American Apparel fits, refer to the sizing chart before placing your order. If you don’t like a snug fit, we suggest ordering a size larger than you would normally order from other manufacturers.
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Skeptic hoodies

Skeptic T-shirts $19

Our women’s form-fitting T-shirt with a slightly scooped neckline is made with American Apparel’s luxurious 50-50 Poly-Cotton blend. Unlike other Poly-Cotton t-shirts, ours is made with combed cotton, giving it an ultra soft, worn in feel and superior drape. Ultra-comfy, feels like you’ve owned it for years. Durable rib neckband. If you are not familiar with how American Apparel fits, refer to the sizing chart before placing your order. Don’t like a snug fit? Order a size larger than you would normally order from other manufacturers.
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Skeptic Lapel Pin

Skeptic Lapel Pin $10

We’d like to see this lapel pin become world-famous, and we need your help to make that happen! Every skeptic (and his or her best friends) should have one of these lapel pins. They feature elegant gold-colored SKEPTIC letters, with a contrasting black background. They are a great size for a lapel or tie-tack — about 25mm × 6mm (1" × .25"). The pin comes in a classy little plastic box suitable for gift-giving. At this price, you could get one for every jacket you own!
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Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction (cover)

Evolution vs. Creationism: An Introduction

More than eighty years after the Scopes trial, the debate over teaching evolution continues in spite of the emptiness of the creationist positions. Completely revised, updated, and accessible, this resource provides an essential introduction to the ongoing dispute’s many facets—the scientific evidence for evolution, the educational and legal basis for its teaching, and the various religious points of view—and a concise history of the evolution-creationism controversy.
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Darwin's Dangerous Idea (cover)

Darwin’s Dangerous Idea $18

In a book that is both groundbreaking and accessible, Daniel Dennett focuses his unerringly logical mind on the theory of natural selection, showing how Darwin’s great idea transforms and illuminates our traditional view of humanity’s place in the universe. Dennett vividly describes the theory itself and then extends Darwin’s vision with impeccable arguments to their often surprising conclusions, challenging the views of some of the most famous scientists of our day, including Stephen Jay Gould.
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Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon (cover)

Breaking the Spell $18

In this New York Times Bestseller (and a definitive work on religion), Daniel Dennett (one of the “Four Horsemen” and a world-famous philosopher) asks: Is religion a product of blind evolutionary instinct or rational choice? Is it truly the best way to live a moral life? Ranging through biology, history, and psychology, Dennett charts religion’s evolution from “wild” folk belief to “domesticated” dogma.
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Mistakes Were Made (but not by me) (cover)

Mistakes Were Made
(but not by me) $15

Why do people dodge responsibility when things fall apart? Why the parade of public figures unable to own up when they screw up? Why the endless marital quarrels over who is right? Why can we see hypocrisy in others but not in ourselves? Are we all liars? Or do we really believe the stories we tell? Two of the world’s greatest social psychologists answer these and other questions.
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Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience (cover)

Brainwashed $26.99

What can’t neuroscience tell us about ourselves? Since fMRI was introduced in the early 1990s, neurotechnologies have provided groundbreaking insights into the human brain. But, the idea that they are the most important means of answering the enduring mysteries of psychology is misguided—and potentially dangerous. This book was a 2013 Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist in Science and Technology.
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50 Great Myths of Popular Psychology (cover)

50 Great Myths of
Popular Psychology

Do we use only 10% of our brains? Of course not, but this, and 49 other myths, have made their way into the brains of millions of people through pop culture. This book is all about shattering widespread misconceptions about human behavior. So, four world-class psychologists deconstruct the myths, show how they got started, and why they’re wrong.
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Wonder Workers! How They Perform the Impossible (cover)

Wonder Workers! How They Perform the Impossible $17

Detective Nickell investigates and reveals the secrets of the Fireproof Man, the bullet trick, levitation, the Human Magnet, a psychic, the Man Who Walked Through Walls, X-ray Vision, mind reading, Edgar Cayce and Peter Hurkos. With suggestions on how the stories can be used to encourage critical thinking. Ages 9–15.)
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Sasquatches From Outer Space (cover)

Sasquatches From
Outer Space $15

A cheerful beginner book covers astrology, bigfoot, the Bermuda triangle, ESP, corp circles, the Loch Ness Monster, Vampires, UFOs, and aliens. Teaches basic critical thinking skills to help young people distinguish between factual and fictional claims. Examine paranormal mysteries the way a scientist would! “Try This” section encourages hands on thinking skills. Ages 10–15.
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Do You Believe in Magic? Vitamins, Supplements, and All Things Natural (cover)

Do You Believe in Magic?

Vitamins, supplements, and all things natural… Medical expert Paul A. Offit, M.D. offers a scathing exposé of the alternative medicine industry, revealing how even though some popular therapies are remarkably helpful due to the placebo response, many of them are ineffective, expensive, and even deadly. He concludes: “There’s no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t.”
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The Soul of Science (cover)

The Soul of Science $5

In this 35-page, 3.5"×5.5", pocket-sized book, Michael Shermer asks “Can we find spiritual meaning and purpose in a scientific worldview?” Spirituality is a way of being in the world, a sense of one’s place in the cosmos, a relationship to that which extends beyond ourselves. There are many sources of spirituality; religion may be the most common, but it is by no means the only. Anything that generates a sense of awe may be a source of spirituality. Science does this in spades.
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Science Friction: Where the Known Meets the Unknown (cover)

Science Friction $10

How does science respond to controversy, uncertainty, and attack? When does theory become accepted fact? In each of the essays in this book, Shermer explores the very personal barriers and biases that plague and propel science—especially when scientists push against the unknown. Some of the essays include: pretending to be psychic for a day, the science behind sports psychology, historical and evolutionary perspectives on the mutiny on the Bounty, more…
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The Skeptic's Dictionary (cover)

The Skeptic’s Dictionary $19.95

The definitive short-answer debunking of nearly everything skeptical with nearly 400 definitions, arguments, and essays on topics ranging from acupuncture to zombies. Detailed information on all things supernatural, occult, paranormal, and pseudoscientific, including: alternative medicine; cryptozoology; extraterrestrials and UFOs; frauds and hoaxes; junk science; logic and perception, and more. An invaluable reference.
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