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How to Debate a Creationist (2nd. Ed.), by Michael Shermer

How to Debate a Creationist (2nd. Ed.), by Michael Shermer

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Part I: What Is Evolution?
  • What the theory of evolution says, and does not say.
  • Debates about evolution among scientists.
Part II: The Relationship of Science & Religion
  • Are science and religion in an either/or conflict?
  • Can they peacefully coexist in separate worlds? Might science someday subsume religion?
Part III: Debating a Creationist
  • An Evening With Duane T. Gish
  • Creation mythology around the world
  • The real meaning of myths is denigrated by trying to make them into science
Part IV: Old & New Creationism
  • 25 Creationist Arguments & 25 Evolutionist Answers
    • Philosophically based arguments: 1–12
    • Scientifically based arguments: 13–25
Part V: The New Creationism
  • Intelligent Design Theory & its Discontents
    • The Evolution of Creationism
      • The attempt to ban evolution
      • The demand for equal time for Genesis
      • Presenting creationism as science
    • Why creationism is not science. The U.S. Supreme Court ends the new creationism
    • The Rise of Intelligent Design Theory
      • Ten Intelligent Design Arguments and Ten Answers. The Nature of the Designer; Methodological Supernaturalism;
      • Intelligent Design Intervention; Irreducible Complexity;
      • Inference to Design; The Universe and Life Fine Tuned;
      • Explanatory Gaps; The Conservation of Information and the Explanatory Filter; Science Education and Debating Evolution;
      • Non-Religious Commitments
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