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MythBusters Collection 1

MythBusters Collection 1

Code: av566DVD
Price: $29.99

12 episodes from seasons two and three, available for the first time in one four-DVD boxed set. Bonus feature: “MythBusters Revealed” — a behind the scenes look that reveals all the gaffs, goofs and experiments gone awry that make up the filming of a typical MythBusters episode.

If you love science and you’ve never run into Discovery Channel’s MythBusters you are in for a treat. The MythBusters — special effects wizards Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, and their sidekicks Kari, Grant, and Tory — test a wild collection of Urban Legends, psuedoscientific beliefs, internet myths and movie folklore, much of it sent in by curious fans. This show is a uniquely valuable tool to teach science, critical thinking and a general kind of how-the-world-really-works knowledge, especially valuable in a time when many people shrug off rigorous research as a waste of time, and are easily taken in by internet rumors. Great for science classes. Plenty of humor, explosions and surprises to entertain while educating. No myth is safe from the scrutiny of the MythBusters.

This special collection includes these exciting episodes:

  • Could dropping a penny from a skyscraper kill someone?
  • Can using a cell phone while filling up your car with gas trigger an explosion?
  • Exploding toilet — is it safe to flick a match into a toilet when excess gas fumes may be present?
  • The Barrel of Bricks story — a workman hoisting a barrel of bricks with a pulley is launched into the air and experiences a whole sequence of escalating mishaps. Could it have happened?
  • Are you more likely to attract lightning when wearing a lot of metal tongue and body piercings?
  • Buried Alive tales — how long can you really hold out in a coffin full of air?
  • Killer Brace position
  • Cooling a six pack
  • Is yawning contagious?
  • Shop ‘til you drop.
  • Hollywood on trial — can you beat a laser security device like they do it in the movies and other Hollywood myths.
  • If a Civil War soldier got shot through the scrotum could the bullet continue on and impregnate a woman standing across the battlefield?
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