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Ankylosaur Attack ("Tales of Prehistoric Life" Series) | Daniel Loxton

Ankylosaur Attack ("Tales of Prehistoric Life" Series) | Daniel Loxton

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This mind-blowing feast for the eye uses photorealistic, computer-generated images to illustrate what dinosaurs might have looked like in their natural environment.

Complementing the extraordinary images is an exciting, natural history-inspired story about a young ankylosaur (a plant-eating, heavy-plated dinosaur) living along the lush banks of a lake.

When he encounters an old ankylosaur, he gently endeavors to make contact, only to be rebuffed. Then a T. rex attacks, and old dinosaur is in grave danger. Will the T. rex triumph? It looks that way, until the young ankylosaur comes to the rescue, tail club swinging.

Ankylosaur Attack is book one in the Tales of Prehistoric Life series. Dramatic stories + eye-popping visuals = a surefire hit with young dinosaur lovers.

Reading level: Ages 4 and up.

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