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The Great Banachek and the Alpha Project, by Banachek

The Great Banachek and the Alpha Project, by Banachek

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The Great Banachek Holds the Key to Your Mind

The Great Banachek, also known as Steve Shaw is a magician, a mentalist, and a world class expert in creating the illusion of a sixth sense. He will demonstrate his powers with a performance of his highly acclaimed magic show, and then recount his experiences participating in the famous Alpha Project.

The Famous Alpha Project — The Greatest Sting Operation
in the History of the Skeptics

In the 1970s the field of parapsychology blossomed when so-called psychics miraculously bent spoons, levitated objects, and demonstrated all manner of paranormal phenomena. Scientists and psychologists, because they could not find any normal explanations for these seemingly paranormal happenings, began to refer to psi power. Journal articles were published, books were written, and careers were developed based on these mysterious happenings. Then along came James “The Amazing” Randi and Steve Shaw. Randi trained the young, unknown Shaw in the ways of magical prestidigitation, wizardry, deception, and chicanery. Shaw then found his way into a parapsychology laboratory, and thus began The Alpha Project. Shaw became the parapsychologists’ star psychic for almost two years, until Randi held a press conference and announced the results of his experiment: a young magician could easily dupe professional scientists and convince them of the reality of psychic power.

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