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Plesiosaur Peril ("Tales of Prehistoric Life" Series) | Daniel Loxton

Plesiosaur Peril ("Tales of Prehistoric Life" Series) | Daniel Loxton

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A group of plesiosaurs—ocean-dwelling cousins of the dinosaurs—keeps safe by swimming in a family pod. But then one baby plesiosaur swims too far from its mother and attracts the attention of something very large and very hungry, and the struggle for survival is on. A unique blend of digital artwork and landscape photography illustrates this thrilling encounter.

This is the third and final book in the science-informed series Tales of Prehistoric Life the first of which was Ankylosaur Attack—the 2012 Canadian Children’s Book Centre Winner for “Best Books for Kids & Teens.” Book two in the series is Pterosaur Trouble: a dramatic, paleofiction tale of perhaps the largest flying animal ever to exist—the mighty pterosaur Quetzalcoatlus.

Reading level: Ages 4 and up.

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